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 What you should bring.... Apart from yourselves.

Dress is informal and relaxed on most occasions in New Zealand and smart casual clothes are acceptable at most restaurants. Men are generally not expected to wear suits and ties, except in a few of the top formal bars and restaurants in major cities.

We invite you to dress comfortably on our tours and recommend that even in summer, you bring a warm jacket and a couple of warm jumpers/tops since the weather can be cold in the evenings and when we visit higher altitudes.

You can expect some rain (and occasionally snow!), so also include a rainproof jacket and trousers and a small day pack. We suggest you pack a few warm winter garments and layer your clothing.

The following list is a guide only, designed to help you pack!

Daytime Clothing – similar for ladies and gents;

Casual daytime pants



Warm tops/jumpers

Warm jacket

Hat and gloves

Waterproof top and pants

Sturdy walking boots and warm socks


Smart casual clothes are appropriate, however if you enjoy ‘dressing up’, you might like to consider bringing a few smarter outfits for some of the evenings, depending on where you choose to eat etc.

Don’t forget…

Insect repellent to protect you from sand-flies and mosquito’s (can be purchased locally)

Sunglasses and a sun hat

Torch (head torches are really popular – lightweight and easy to use)


Camera/video camera (and charger if appropriate)

Adaptor for these if needed

Sunscreen (can be purchased locally)

Any medication that you will or may need to take during the tour

Your favourite CD’s

A sense of adventure and humour!

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