Remote NZ Journeys

Our itineraries provide an outline of the journey from start to finish, explaining the route taken, meals for each day and other details so you can get a better understanding of Remote New Zealand Journeys.

"We can do Private Customized tours on request"


  • Eastern North Island Itinerary
  • Western North Island Itinerary


  • Eastern South Island Itinerary
  • Western South Island Itinerary

Where Remote NZ Journeys Exclusive Adventures are unique is that you visit remote areas driving your very own latest model 4WD, increasing the independent adventure element of the tour. Our Unique Itineraries allow options for relaxation, flexibility and leisure time.

Each day we help you get the best out of the day - it could be a day of some driving and then visiting historical gold mining towns or could be two nights spent at the same lodge with a couple of trips to try fine wines at a local winery or a morning spent shopping and sightseeing.

Each day can be different and geared around weather and how you feel on the day...

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Remote New Zealand Journeys