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During your ‘Remote New Zealand Journey’ we pass a number of golf courses which you can take the time to play if you wish. Golf in New Zealand is now recognised as some of the best in the world, and many of the New Zealand Golf Courses are spectacular and breathtakingly scenic! Something like 428,000 adults over 18 years play golf each year in New Zealand – Golf is the highest participation sport in New Zealand and so not surprisingly, you have a range of options and opportunities available to you if you enjoy golf!

There are 385 golf courses in New Zealand, which is the highest number of Golf courses per capita in the world! Golf in New Zealand is very affordable - Green fees at public golf courses start at the unbelievably low cost of NZ$10 (less than US$6) and you can also tee off at some of New Zealand's best Golf courses for under NZ$100 (less than US$60). There are also resort courses that cater for the top end of the market so whatever your budget, NZ has the Golf course to meet your requirements.

The South Island features golf courses in most towns – some towns have several golf courses! All New Zealand golf clubs look forward to visitors - you will receive a warm welcome.

In Queenstown you have spectacular views of the Mountain Range and can play at Queenstown Golf Club, famous for its scenery, or Sir Bob Charles’ designed resort Millbrook. Not too far away you can experience Central Otago at Cromwell, Wanaka or Alexandra.

For more information please ask us and we are more than happy to book these for you.


New Zealand has long had a reputation as an international fly fishing destination and each year many make the pilgrimage, enticed by stories of large trout, beautiful scenery and friendly locals. If fly fishing is what your after then you’ll find opportunities to indulge yourself during your ‘Remote New Zealand Journey’ at many of our destinations.

People who want to go fishing must have a licence, these are available from Fish & Game New Zealand, the organization with the statutory responsibility for the sports of freshwater sport fishing and game bird hunting and can be purchased online or before your tour commences or en route.

The Xmas break sees many locals out on the rivers with the Kiwi Holidays season. Most people are back to work early in the New Year. February is the busiest month for visiting overseas anglers. January - March is the main terrestrial dry fly time with the Cicada's and Blowflies buzzing about.

February/March is usually the most settled time weather wise. By March the fish have seen many fishermen and are pretty wary, but it's still a productive time to fish. Terrestrial insect will stay active until the first frosts arrive and then it tapers off.

April is the last month of the regular season and a month overlooked by many. With fewer angler about often you can have even a popular river almost to yourself. The fish are fat after a summer of feeding and are in their best condition as they ready themselves for spawning. The sun is now lower in the sky making spotting fish more difficult and the first dusting of winter snow touch the mountain tops.

For more information please ask us and we can arrange all the details for you with local guides.


Off the Kaikoura coastline is a marine environment so rich in nutrients that it attracts some of the most magnificent creatures with which we share our planet. At the top of the list is the Giant Sperm Whale that can grow up to 20 metres long and weigh over 50 tons, in addition, a number of other species may be seen, depending on the season, as they follow their migratory route. This unique marine experience also provides an opportunity to sight New Zealand Fur Seals, Dusky Dolphins, the rare and endangered Hectors Dolphins, and a wide variety of seabirds including the Royal Albatross.

Another option is to go swimming with or watch Kaikoura's famous dusky dolphins, one of the most delightfully exuberant characters of the Southern Ocean. The local tour operator provides all the equipment required to snorkel with the dolphins including wetsuits. Remember that the dusky dolphins are totally wild, they are not trained or fed, this is not a theme park encounter, you will be with dolphins in their own world. Therefore nothing is predictable or guaranteed. You need to understand this in order to fully appreciate the experience of swimming with the dolphins in Kaikoura.

Going out to watch the dolphins (please note that watchers are on the same boat as the swimmers) can be equally rewarding as swimming with the dolphins. The views of the dolphins swimming around the boat and the swimmers in the water make for a memorable experience and offer great opportunities to take pictures by camera or video.

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